by "Zene" GCh Moonlight's Rock'n Ow't JH CGC
"Oliver" BISS GCh Moonlight's Knock Out CGC
"Cordie" Ch. Moonlight's Eat Your Heart Out RN CGCA TKN
"Beatrix" Moonlight's Rained Out CGC
"Mister" Moonlight's Just Chillin' Out CGC
by "Ziva" GCh Red Diamond's Chaos Unleashed
Beckett's kids the "Beck-a-Roos"
"Josie" GCH Red Diamond's Playing for Keeps JH
"Chesney" Ch. Red Diamond Playing it by Ear JH
"Beau" Ch. Red Diamond Just Push Play
"Lucy" Red Diamond Player of the Magic Flute
"Thor" GCH Red Diamond Players Club Lucky No. 7
"Mia" Red Diamonds Playing with Fire
by "Echo" GCh Zenith's Back Atcha
"Destiny" Topwin's Take a Change on Me of Zenith
"Jensie" Ch. Zenith N Moonlight All Eyes On Me
"Charlotte" Zenith's Living on The Web
"Brinks" Ch. Zenith's Not on My Watch
by "Lips" MBISS GCh Pagliacci Kizmar Wicked Kisser
by "Shea" BISS GCh Red Diamond Dancing At The Plaza
by "Pan" GCh Comynara Practically Pandaemonia