Introducing . . . "Beckett"
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OFA Good ~ CHIC#102157
The day Beckett turned six months he debuted to a *5 point* major and 4 days later picked up a
*4 point* major.  Shown only a handful of days, he finished with two *5 point* majors and a Best
in Sweepstakes win at the Vizsla Club of Southern CA Specialty.  He earned his JH title in one
weekend with 4 straight passes and a lot of wonderful compliments from the judges.  We are so
proud of this boy who is sweet, energetic, loves strutting his stuff in the show ring and lives for our
hunting adventures.  Most importantly, our family is so enjoying having a boy in our home again.  
Go Beck!  To see Beckett's puppies
click here.
Baby Beckett the day he turned 6 months old
above earning his first 5 point major and
below, 4 days later his second major.
Learning the ropes on becoming a broke dog.